Museum of the Golden Nail | 2011
Lewis & Taggart


During their two weeks at L/R, Canadian artists Andrew Taggart and Chloe Lewis converted a small mountain hut into a museum that holds a collection of a single object: a solitary golden nail.

The nail – an object of relevance within the language of farming and also within the world of art – is elevated to a near-monolithic stature by virtue of its gold colour and its position within a museum dedicated solely to it. The golden nail proposes a reflection on the nature of the L/R residency itself – the juxtaposition of art and nature inherent within its framework. The bare nail, poised as though waiting to support a painting, also suggests an invitation for future artworks to inhabit the site of the farm.

By the gate to Klungtveit farm, approximately one kilometer down the mountain from the Museum of the Golden Nail, the artists also installed five hand-painted direction posts. The signposts point to similarly small, obscure museums, located in disparate parts of the world, and indicate their approximate distance from Suldal. Derived from both life and literature, the museums on the signposts share certain idiosyncratic qualities; difficult to physically reach, driven by singular obsession, and willing to intermingle fact and fiction.

A book about the project was launched in 2012.