Klungtveit farm, where L/R is set, was a working farm for centuries and still retains many traces of the lives that were lived there. The main house has been refurbished and has three double bedrooms, a modern kitchen, indoor toilet, large living/dining room and a fireplace.

There is no road to the farm and visitors must hike up (approx. 20 min.) to it. There is a cable car for the transport of goods to the farm. Whilst there is cell phone reception, there is currently no internet access at the farm.

The project is inspired by the cabins and houses used by thinkers and writers such as Martin Heidegger, Ludig Wittgenstein and Olav H. Hauge. The residency aims to provide a quiet alternative to busy city life and promotes slowness and solitude as a way to focus on creative work.

Artists and others in the creative field are invited to spend some weeks at the farm to explore their work and working methods. Each visit is negotiated individually in terms of length of stay and number of guests. For invited guests the stay at the farm is free of charge. Guests are expected to cover their own costs and are invited to donate a small art work and/or a book to the art collection and library at the farm.

L/R has received financial support from Suldal Kommune, Ryfylkefondet, Rogaland Fylkeskommune and private sponsors.